Limitless Medical Technologies

Saving lives, one surgery at a time

We are an early-stage high-growth medical device company specializing in providing innovative solutions for the early-detection of anastomosis leaks

What We Do

An anastomosis is a surgical procedure that connects two divergent structures, such as the intestines or other tubular structures. However, even after successful surgeries, these repairs are subject to a leak. In a leak, the internal contents of the tubular structures leak into the body cavity. Nearly a Million of these anastomosis surgeries are performed annually with as many as 200,000 needing repair. Unfortunately, failing to detect the need for anastomosis repair can result in death.

At Limitless Medical Technologies, we are developing a leak-sensing film (Anastosense) that works with an app (Anastocare) to monitor patients by providing real-time anastomosis-related wellness updates to both the healthcare team and the patient. Our solution is a cost-efficient, sensitive, and specific method for early detection of leaks before they can turn lethal, saving lives and improving the quality of healthcare that our medical industry provides.

Meet The Co-Founders

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We are currently on our way to the Final round of the prestigious 'Henry A. Panasci Jr. Technology Entrepreneurship Competition' at the University at Buffalo.

If you would like to talk to our team for business-related or media related purposes please reach out to the email listed below.

Andrea Kraft

Co-founder, Management - Public Health

Andrea Kraft is leveraging her professional experience working for a startup medical device company to help grow Limitless Medical Technologies and our solutions from idea to product distribution. She is a Buffalo, NY native, a current Western New York Prosperity Fellow, and pursuing a dual MBA/ MPH at the University at Buffalo.

Arnav Matta

Co-founder, Management - Innovation and technology

Arnav is studying ‘Management of Innovation and Technology’ at the University at Buffalo. This interdisciplinary field of study involves elements of engineering, innovation, design, marketing, management, future technology, and industry forecasting, and there couldn’t be a more fitting match for him. In his free time, Arnav is thinking of the application of various technologies and their cross-application to make this world a better place. He dreams of giving a ‘Ted Talk’ and winning the ‘Turing Prize’ all before he turns 42.

Blake Kruger

Co-founder, Medicine - Public Health

Blake completed his undergraduate education at Louisiana State University in chemistry and worked in research internationally before attending Dartmouth College to earn his MPH. As a medical student at the Jacobs School of Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, he aspires to partner with patients and innovators across the globe to deliver informed and consensual care, at the proper time in an interdisciplinary fashion. He intends to do so while serving the indigent and underrepresented while championing innovation in healthcare.

Jacob Opalinski

Co-founder, Biomedical Engineering

Jacob Opalinski is a Buffalo native entering his senior year of studying Biomedical Engineering at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Buffalo. He is currently working towards earning his Master’s Degree is Biomedical Engineering and plans on focusing on tissue engineering. Jacob wants to develop a method to 3D print functional organs for transplantation.

Prerna Pant

Co-founder, Biomedical Engineering

Prerna Pant recently completed her second master's degree in biomedical engineering from the University at Buffalo with specialization in molecular biology. She worked as a Research assistant at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at UB. She is a self proclaimed bibliophile and her hobbies include reading novels and numismatics.

Nicolette Winder

Co-founder, Medicine

Nicolette graduated from the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in 2020 and is currently a General Surgery resident at the University of South Florida. She completed her undergraduate work at Wake Forest University with a BS in Biology and Psychology and a minor in Chemistry. Besides her interest in device development she has conducted research at Dana-Farber as well as NIH funded research at Roswell Park which have resulted in publications of her work.